I am a consultant landscape historian, garden historian and avid gardener. I am the garden editor for Image Interiors & Living magazine and I write for Garden Heaven too. I garden in a small plot in Dalkey where I live with my family and 3 cats and a dog. I welcome your comments and questions and am available for garden consultations.  There may be some deviations into other spheres of interest but this is primarily the blog of a garden addict with some other women’s issues  and other enthusiasms of mine occasionally thrown into the mix.
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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Vandra
    Love your blog. Iseult put me onto it. Must get weeding. Just wondering where to sign up for regular installments. Hope your friend Clodagh is recovering from her fall. X Aisling


    • Hi Aisling, you know am so thick am not sure! Think you click the link or something… poor clodagh still not right! Iseult says you are starting a blog on a subject close to my very hot and sweaty chest – keep me posted on that one and good luck – and try not to forget about it, or lose your specs, or need a little lie down, or wonder why all your clothes have inexplicably shrunk around the waist…etc. etc. etc. vandra xxxx


  2. Enquiry regarding garden consultation:
    I have a tiny garden, not even a garden really. A patch at the front and a yard at the back. I have a good idea of what I want to do with the hard landscaping, and someone lined up to do it. But I need planting expertise – at the front, which is very sunny, I would like to add something like a freestanding rose tree that gives a little bit of camouflage and privacy but isn’t dense and doesn’t grow too high and then fill out the front with other pretty plants. At the back, we get zero sun and I would like to add some climbers and a couple of large things in pots on a paved ground. I would like it to feel quite Irish and traditional so no bamboo or anything too exotic and I want it to feel natural and not too over-designed either. Is this something you can advise on? I’m based in Harold’s Cross. How much is a consultation?
    Thanks very much,


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