Who’s Afraid of Germaine Greer?

Very interesting blog from a transgender woman. I have come to believe that ‘3rd wave feminists’ such as those who are no platforming Germaine Greer are just eegits really. I firmly accept that some people feel body dysmorphia, uncomfortable with who and what they are and would like to identify or ‘pass’ for the other sex. I have no problem with anyone doing so. I believe in live and let live, so long as you don’t involve, or hurt childrena animals. I just don’t get the ‘I feel like a woman, therefore I am a women’ school of thought – how? What does a woman ‘feel’ like? how would one know? Clearly this line of thinking’s logical conclusion is an acceptance that females are mentally different, i.e. have different brains – ‘I hate maths, cars and rugby, ergo I have a female, girly brain’ – which is what feminists have been trying to get away from and disprove. We women can do anything we want, we are not different, more stupid or incapable of anything. We are no longer hobbled by physical weakness or fertility and we can, and should be able to to do anything and have the same opportunities as men. That is what we ask. A man who wears dresses, even if he has his dick removed and takes hormones has no idea of what it is to be born, raised and educated as a woman. I also find it deepy disturbing and worrying that young children are being treated and medically interfered with. I have a very feminine and happy to be female family member who as a child cried if put in a dress, had short hair, played with boys and boys toys and would only answer to a boy’s name. It was accepted that this was ‘tomboy’ behaviour and that was it. I also wonder how many men are truly accepting of female to male trans as true men. I see nothing wrong with deciding to be trans, each to their own, but I don’t really think trans women are women. Now shoot me and start throwing the rotten fruit.

Miss Gwenllian Lâs, Cymraeg PsyOp

–Mary Daly
“Reminder that sex is fake”
— Jenna Costigan (male transwoman)
^can you spot the difference?^

Early on in my transition, when I was living in Vancouver, I was physically assaulted whilst boarding a bus. My back had been turned, my hands occupied with digging in my purse for a ticket . . . when a solid fist struck me from the side, a peripheral sucker punch in the form of a hockey player’s slug.

He yelled “TRANNY!” and trotted away at a mild gait, unhindered by any witnesses.

This thug’s annoyance resulted from me having just declined his offer of a nugget of crack cocaine (or meth, as if I can tell …) in exchange for an alleyway blowjob. Since I was a transwoman waiting for public transit, I was clearly available to be propositioned for…

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