Irish Demesne Landscapes


Well WOOOOHOOOO and whoop whoop whoop! My book is finally finished, out and in the shops – yes in the REAL shops and available to buy online. It is not about gardening per se, but takes a look at what people were doing with their gardens and estates in the seventeenth century and early-eighteenth century in Ireland. It is part Miss Marple and part history, the detective element being trying to reassemble – mentally – the gardens and imagine what they looked like as most of them have been lost. We have a rich gardening heritage and it is time we started to recognise and preserve it. The Celtic Tiger years dealt a killer blow to old demesne landscapes as they were snapped up by greedy developers with a voracious appetite for land and NO regard for history or beauty and industry. Some of these great lost demesnes and landscapes are now owned by NAMA and some can still be saved. If anyone would like to get in touch with me with ideas as to how we can organise and put pressure on NAMA to ensure that the demesnes it now owns will not be re-sold to developers and treated with respect do get in touch.

In the meantime, here is a bit about my book and a picture of it.

This book charts the history and development of formal gardening in Ireland in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, and in particular the grand geometric style that was fashionable between 1660 and 1740. It examines the people who created these gardens, the influences that affected them, the materials that they employed and the uses of landscapes interventions. Using a wide range of sources, including several previously unpublished, this is the most extensive survey of early Irish gardens to date.


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