20 Things that Suck

  1. Allergies – its that time of year again, lumps, bumps, itching and sneezes – buy hankies in bulk
  2. Water charges – they are having a laugh aren’t they?
  3. Gastropods – the buggers are out in force in right now, munching their way though fresh growth and newly potted seeds
  4. Foxes – sweet creatures but keep eating my shoes and knocking over my pots
  5. Dogs in the garden – I love him so much but was he a miner in a past life? Holes everywhere and don’t mention the poo predicament
  6. Sore joints
  7. Middle aged spread and muffin top
  8. Black spot on roses – bit of heat, bit of damp and It’s off
  9. People who say ‘the cheque is in the post’ when it isn’t
  10. The man who parks his ugly white van outside my house every evening and the other man who parks his red car outside my house every day
  11. Weeds – triffid like explosion
  12. Gerry Adam’s tweets and Caitlin Moran sharing them
  13. Boyfriend jeans if above a size 10
  14. Mirrors – who on earth is that wizened old bag?
  15. DART fares
  16. Ironing
  17. Overpriced handbags
  18. Grumpy neighbours
  19. The banks
  20. Bingo wings