My lovely friend Iseult has pointed out that I have posted twice on one topic and that this blog is not very clear, so please stick with it and I will try and sort it out. The best laid plans do tend to go awry, and my tenuous belief in Karma is often stretched to the limit. Take this morning: Clodagh and I decided to use her iphone ap (see, am not a technophobe at all) and go ‘from couch potato to 5K’ in 8 weeks. Now anyone who knows me will understand that jogging and anything involving greater exertion than lifting cake to mouth and chewing is an alien concept to me (I do make an exception for the garden, where I work myself to the bone like a navvie). Anyway we started the other week – a gentle stroll and one minutes jog at intervals, needless to say the jogging part seemed to go on forever and purple faced and wheezing we just about managed to complete the programme. I made sure before starting that the ambulance service was on speed dial lest one of us have a stroke or heart attack. We survived. Today we set out in very jolly form and before we got to jog my neighbour, who is the oddest and crossest man you are likely to meet appeared with his overly excitable and untrained mutt. The dog clearly has sheepdog genes somewhere in his multi-ethnic background as he immediately started to round us, another jack russell and my poor little scrap of a dog up, he then ran into poor Clodagh, knocked her to the ground causing a very sinister cracking sound to emit from her knee. No apology was forthcoming, the dog was not put on a lead. Clodagh gamely tried to hobble along and we then had to abandon our enterprise. Doomed. So Clodagh now at home with pack of frozen peas strapped to knee and I am going to make the most of the weather and do some weeding and try to get the hang of wordpress and blogging.

tootle pip!


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