A really great book for gardeners

Weeds, Weeding (& Darwin) – The Gardener’s Guide by William Edmonds
Frances Lincoln

This is a really fab book and exactly what I have been looking for for years, a comprehensive guide to weeds and wild flowers which grow in the wrong how place. It is full of pictures for identification and ways to get rid of these pesky inaders.
Weeds are infuriating to gardeners, but the fact is that weeds are just another plant. The ones that are most infuriating are native wild flowers and exotics that come from a similar climate. They love the conditions in our gardens, are adept at self-propagating and are vigorous so tend to run amok. William Edmonds, the author of this book sees Charles Darwin as his mentor. Darwin was intrigued by the nature of variation in plants and how this related to which plants thrived and survived. Informed by Darwin’s insights, and by over thirty years of gardening experience, Edmonds describes and illustrates one hundred significant garden weeds, arranged in the order in which they have evolved. For each there is a what to Do and a further chapter sets out the pros and cons of twenty tried and tested approaches to weeding. Learning to recognise, understand and deal with each weed will take you well on the way to coping in a relaxed – even enjoyable – tussle with these devilish despoilers. Weeds, Weeding (& Darwin) is an enlightening guidebook for every gardener.


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